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  • RG400 Series Rail Grinders

    With the capability to grind up to 20 mph, the RG400 Series Rail Grinders are a the best choice for maximizing available track time while lowering unit cost. The RG400 Series offers higher stone counts, shorter machine lengths, higher water capacities, advanced grind controls, improved traction... Read More
  • RGS Speciality Grinder

    The RGS Speciality Grinder has the capability to grind switches, crossings, and speciality track work as well as open rail. It is the most versatile grinder in Loram's fleet of grinders. Featuring the same highly productive 30 HP grind motor as on large Production Rail Grinders the RGS... Read More
  • L-Series Rail Grinders

    Loram's L-Series Specialty Grinder combines the technology from Loram's heavy haul mainline grinders with a unique design to navigate transit systems. The L-Series performs within most flangeway or field side clearance obstructions and is gauge convertible. Visit our website or contact us to... Read More
  • Loram® High Performance (HP) Shoulder Ballast Cleaner

    While there have been many machines designed to clean shoulder ballast, the Loram® High Performance (HP) Shoulder Ballast Cleaner sets the standard for production, quality, reliability, and overall cost effectiveness. Loram HP Shoulder Ballast Cleaners are self-propelled and use twin 30-inch... Read More
  • Loram LRV

    Loram LRV is a unique excavation machine that conveys material through vacuum and airflow. The machine is rail mounted and designed to travel at track speeds while towing up to four fully loaded ballast cars. The combination of a powerful digging arm with twin engines and vacuum pumps makes it... Read More
  • Badger Ditch Cleaner

    The Badger Ditcher is a self-proplled system that is capable of moving 800 tons of material every hour. It goes where and when it's needed under its own power regardless of wet or dry weather conditions. The ditching wheel cuts a swath that can be varied from 30 to 54 inches wide, at a depth... Read More
  • Track Lifter

    The Track Lifter can lift track up to 12 inches, creating a new sub-ballast layer and establishing a more permeable ballast and overall stronger structure. Additionally, it operates at higher speeds than traditional machines (up to 4 mph) and reduces the amount of tamper equipment required.... Read More
  • Raptor Rail Handling System

    The Loram long rail pick-up and delivery system consists of: twin independent gantry cranes with telescoping booms, 3-car work unit, with rail joining workstations and integrated power cars and high-capacity rail transport trains. The Raptor can grasp and load any rail segment located within... Read More
  • TracShield

    TracShield is the patented wayside track friction management system for the top-of-rail that uses an environmentally clean friction modifier. TracShield applies a friction modifier on both rails every time a train passes over the application area. The Friction Modifier (FM) is then carried by... Read More
  • GaugeShield

    Loram's latest system for lubricating the gauge face of rails. Features: Easy maintenance dispensing bar, removable grease tank (stainless steel/HD plastic), bottom cone feed to reduce cavitation, single/dual output gear pump with fewer moving parts, flighting attachment to pump that assists... Read More
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