White Papers for Railway Track & Structures Buyers Guide

  • DavRail Core Product Range Brochure

    Featuring our Panel lifter system, TCT, TRT, Turnout Solution and more.
  • Preventative Track Maintenance

    With thousands of tons rolling over your track system every time you load or unload, you need to be able to anticipate potential problems before they arise. These tips can help educate your crews on safety issues to watch for as they work on and around your tracks every day. -- 15-point...
  • Case Study | MTA Baltimore North Avenue Yard Automation

    The MTA’s need to modernize and automate the North Avenue Yard was answered by the decision to install an axle counting system. The Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdCi and Wheel Sensors RSR180 were selected for this automation project, to provide train detection throughout the yard. The system...
  • Arc Flash Specifications

    n 2012, a new update has been issued by the National Fire Protection Association standard 70E. This standard is responsibility of the NFPA’s Committee on Electrical Safety in the Workplace. Article 130 details to Arc Flash
  • Okonite: The Premier Manufacturer of Vital Circuit Signal Cables

    Our formula to keep your business on track is our fleet of 6 manufacturing plants, 5 service centers and 23 local sales offices. Our multiple plant capability provides manufacturing flexibility as we support your needs with our direct sales force and application engineering staff. We're here for...
  • Optimizing the Geogrid Reinforcement of Rail Track Ballast

    Although the use of high stiffness polymer geogrids to reinforce rail ballast has been practiced since the early '80s, the basic mechanisms involved in the reinforcing action have not been well understood. A wide ranging investigation was conducted with teh support of the Royal Society and...
  • Stopped on the Tracks....and No Place to Go

    A train strikes a vehicle on average every three hours in the United States, resulting in more than 2,200 accidents each year. CTC's experts weigh in on critical design elements to consider when interconnecting traffic signal equipment.