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About Loram

Since 1954, Loram has brought the most advanced, most productive and most innovative railroad maintenance equipment and services around the globe. Together with Loram Technologies, Loram’s product offerings include: rail grinding, ballast maintenance, material handling, track inspection services, friction management and structure monitoring. These comprehensive solutions are designed to help our customers achieve operational excellence, extend rail and track asset life and enhance efficiency to new levels.

Products by Loram

By Loram

Undercutter Cleaner - UC1200

Loram’s UC1200 undercutter cleaner is the industry’s most advanced, most productive and highest-capacity, self-contained system for any undercutting program. The UC1200 features innovative, twin rotary undercutting technology and dual material discharge for handling and cleaning up to 1,200 m³... Read more »

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LM1 Hybrid Rail Miller

The LM1 Hybrid rail miller, a zero-emission milling machine, is the first of its kind in the global rail market. Loram’s first eco-friendly machine offers huge benefits to railways using milling technology for corrective maintenance in areas that are highly sensitive to dust and fire. The... Read more »

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Ditching - DC Max

Loram’s Badger Ditcher is a self-propelled ditch cleaner that is capable of excavating and moving up to 500 cubic yards of material every hour, excavating at up to 22 feet from the center of the track, on either side. The Badger Ditcher creates a properly sloped ditch that intercepts and diverts... Read more »

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