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By HySafe

HySafe provides its own line of full body harnesses that are available in premium, standard and economical upgrades. All provide the comfort, reliability and durability required in the workplace. Our well-equipped manufacturing facility has allowed us to produce safe, high quality and compliant... Read more »

By Thermon Heating Systems Inc

Fastrax™ HELLFIRE 400 and HELLFIRE 900 series gas fired blowers consist of a blower, combustion chamber, and ducting system that delivers heated air and combustion by-products to the switch mechanism. The blower is an electrically powered centrifugal fan. Air from the blower enters the... Read more »

By Consultants F. Drapeau - Rail

FD-HEATER NECESSARY FOR HEATING AND RELIEVING STRESS FROM RAILS Rail normalisation is a safety requirement when laying new continuous welded rail system wherever climate variation happens: days & nights in the southern parts of the globe; seasonal in the northern parts. -Fully enclosed... Read more »

By Aldon Company, Inc.

Item #: 4115-01 ◾ Barricade-style, 7 in. diameter shatterproof Lexan lens. ◾ Uses two 6-volt Lantern batteries. ◾ Battery case bolts to light-bracket. ◾ On-off switch and photo-electric cell. ◾ Flashes 60 times/min. ◾ Other lens colors available. Weight: 2 lbs. Batteries NOT included Read more »

By Aldon Company, Inc.

Item #: 4015-205 ◾ Solar-powered combination blue flashing light on top and white flashing light below. ◾ Both are brilliant LED lights visible for over a mile. ◾ White light illuminates sign plate. ◾ Includes mounting bracket to attach to any square or flat sign holder. ◾ Shock... Read more »

By Aldon Company, Inc.

Item #: 4015-294 Tool designed for the installation and removal of the Magnetic Flex-E Form Sign Holder (Item #: 4015-293). Sign holder and signs sold separately. Read more »

By HySafe

HySafe offers a freestanding guardrail system that will help you comply with OSHA fall protection standards. HySafe guardrail is a passive fall protection system that is easy-to-install and non-penetrating to the workplace surface. Our freestanding guardrail weighs much less than most similar... Read more »

By Aldon Company, Inc.

Item #: 4016-09 Lightweight freight car chocking skid. At 16 lbs. and 17-1/2" in length, this easy-to-carry rail skid is handy for chocking freight cars on flat track with low places, which the rail car tends to move towards. Not recommended for grades, as skid may not hold the load. The skid... Read more »

By Aldon Company, Inc.

Item #: 4016-22-L (Left) Item #: 4016-22-R (Right) At 16 lbs. and 17-1/2" in length, this easy-to-carry rail skid is handy for chocking freight cars on flat track, it may be necessary to chock other end of car with a wheel chock. Not recommended for grades, as skid may not hold the load. The... Read more »

By Mitchell Equipment Corporation

Rough terrain cranes of various sizes can be equipped Mitchell Friction Drive Hi-Rail to self-propel on rail to be used as material handler. Typical cranes include The Terex RT-230 and the Grove RT530E and 540E. We offer extended aluminum pads to extend the reach on rail. As a rail layer the... Read more »

By L.B. Foster

L.B. Foster Company can supply various types of frogs including: Spring-rail Frogs – may be used in main track where traffic is predominantly on the main-track side of the frog. May be used in yard tracks, but only when rigid frogs are not available. Rail-bound Manganese Steel Frogs – shall be... Read more »

By OMNI Products, Inc

The OMNI Heavy Duty rubber grade crossing system is the most durable full-depth rubber crossing available. Made of 100 percent virgin rubber, the Heavy Duty system is designed to withstand repeated punishment of high-speed, heavy traffic loadings. This product's durability, long life and low... Read more »

By Aldon Company, Inc.

#4018-10: 20 tons/per wheel capacity for standard freight cars. Weight: 9,500 lbs. #4018-22: 40 tons/per wheel capacity for steel mill torpedo cars and other extra heavy railcars. Weight: 10,500 lbs. Diamond-shaped rerailer automatically rerails car wheels in both directions. Diamond panel... Read more »