Consultants F. Drapeau - Rail

2005 de L'Industrie
St-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, QC J3G 4S5

About Consultants F. Drapeau - Rail

Family business since 1978, specializes in design, development, manufacture, distribution and marketing of heavy vehicles such as cranes, work trucks, MOW & OCS equipments and specialized custom vehicles. Drapeau Rail is able to handle complex projects and deliver turnkey projects to client satisfaction.

Drapeau FD brand line-up
FD Heater | Rail Normalizer
FD Railer | Self-propelled road-rail trailer
FD Versex | Self-propelled excavator platform

Simple to complex Hi-rail conversions

MOW and specialized trucks
OCS Catenary equipments
Rail cranes
Rail carts and accessories
Turnkey custom projects

Neotec continental distribution & partnership
Kinshofer rail products distribution

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Products by Consultants F. Drapeau - Rail

By Consultants F. Drapeau - Rail

FD-HEATER NECESSARY FOR HEATING AND RELIEVING STRESS FROM RAILS Rail normalisation is a safety requirement when laying new continuous welded rail system wherever climate variation happens: days & nights in the southern parts of the globe; seasonal in the northern parts. -Fully enclosed... Read more »