BENDO® hailed as the most powerful CNC bending control available

Press Release from Boschert Precision Machinery, Inc.

Butler, WI : April 15, 2013 – Boschert Precision Machinery (aka Boschert® USA) and PBT Professional Bending Equipment in Switzerland have announced the introduction of BENDO®, the newest model of CNC 3-roll profile bending machines. BENDO® incorporates all the features of PBT’s other profile benders – including adjustable front roll center distance, independent geared motor drives for each roll, and simple and quiet hydraulics – but is hailed as the most powerful CNC bending control currently on the market.

According to Greg Hoesly, President of Boschert Precision Machinery, Inc., “We have been asked by many potential customers if we could offer a machine that would accept the tools they use on machines made by other manufacturers. Since most other European bending machines use tools designed for shafts with a 65mm diameter, we sized the BENDO® with 65mm diameter shafts. Now customers can use the many tools they may have acquired for their older machines made by other builders and upgrade to the accuracy, flexibility, productivity and quality of PBT.”

Optional adapters can increase the tool shaft diameter from 65mm to 105mm so that customers can buy the smaller, less expensive BENDO® and use their tools from PBT’s larger PBT25 and PBT35 models as well.

As with all PBT benders, the Bendo can be paired with manual controls, a teach-in control or various CNC controls with feature levels for all users.

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