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About ARVA Industries Inc.

Arva Industries Inc. was established in 1979.

We are a Canadian OEM of highly engineered products serving the Rail, Mining sectors across North America.

ARVA's products are well tested to ensure they meet or exceed our customers' expectations.

ARVA Industries specializes in the design and manufacturing of high quality railway maintenance machinery, including:

35T Rail Crane for lifting and placing 40 ft. Track Panels in Transit Tunnels.

Track Vacuum Cars for cleaning Subway Track Roadbed and Open-cut areas.

Track Utility Vehicles, Catenary Maintenance Vehicles, Vacuum Excavators.

ARVA has designed & manufactured a variety of Track Utility Vehicles for Toronto Transit Commission over the past 20 years, as well as NJT, PATCO and PATH.

ARVA has been the best kept secret in Railway Track Utility Vehicles and we are ready to expand to the rest of the industry.

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Products by ARVA Industries Inc.

By ARVA Industries Inc.


35-ton, hydrostatic, 4 axle drive rail crane designed to lift and place 40′ track panels inside transit tunnels -Capable of lifting 15,000 lbs. with boom at 0° -Equal capacity and reach over both ends – boom length able to reach 40′ (with jib) out front of the coupler at full extension on a... Read more »

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By ARVA Industries Inc.

Track Utility Vehicle

Diesel-powered, hydrostatically-driven vehicle with optional attachments for snow removal, de-icing, rail pressure washing, etc. Designed for transporting personnel to and from a job site, as well as various maintenance functions, including snow removal, de-icing, rail pressure washing. Read more »

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By ARVA Industries Inc.

Multi-Purpose Engineering Vehicle (MPEV)

-High speed industrial tractor with integral front-end loader and backhoe with pneumatic tires -Also designed for rapid deployment to repair damaged roadways and other construction activities -High speed allows machine to move unassisted as part of a military convoy -Diesel engine drive, 2 or 4... Read more »

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Clients of ARVA Industries Inc.

  • Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)
  • Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH)