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For over 35 years, Frauscher Sensor Technology has been viewed as a leading innovator and producer of robust wheel sensors and axle counters. Frauscher systems are considered the gold standard globally, with our wheel sensors installed in over 100 countries. In addition to our industry recognized quality, Frauscher engineers provide support and training in the design, configuration, commissioning and maintenance of our systems, allowing integrators and operators to eventually manage them on their own and reduce costs. Our high-quality systems are compatible with a wide range of signaling equipment, functioning either as an overlay to existing technology, or as a standalone system.
Our systems offer quick and easy installation without drilling the rail, high reliability regardless of environmental, track or ballast condition, and various functionalities that can provide operators with valuable information that may not be possible with other types of wheel detection such as direction, speed and more.
A great deal of flexibility in design and installation, as well as low maintenance requirements, reduces time on track to increase safety.
Our systems are suitable for a wide range of applications including grade crossings, red signal overrun, speed measurement, switch point protection, yard automation and management, CBTC secondary systems, dark territory monitoring, crossover protection, and the triggering of trackside equipment such as AEI readers, hot box detectors and vision systems.

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Products by Frauscher Sensor Technology USA, Inc.

By Frauscher Sensor Technology USA, Inc.

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By Frauscher Sensor Technology USA, Inc.

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Case Study | MTA Baltimore North Avenue Yard Automation

Case Study | MTA Baltimore North Avenue Yard Automation

Case Study | MTA Baltimore North Avenue Yard Automation

By Frauscher Sensor Technology USA, Inc.

The MTA’s need to modernize and automate the North Avenue Yard was answered by the decision to install an axle counting system. The Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdCi and Wheel Sensors RSR180 were selected for this automation project, to provide train detection throughout the yard. The system...
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