PowerRail Relocation and Open House

Press Release from PowerRail

Exeter, Pennsylvania, September 29, 2022 -- PowerRail, North America’s leading distributor of aftermarket 
locomotive parts and components, recently celebrated the company’s move from Duryea to their new 
global headquarters located in Exeter, Pennsylvania.

An Open House and Ribbon Cutting Event was held at the new location with local, county, and state 
elected officials there to help welcome guests. PowerRail CEO and Chairman of the Board, Paul 
Foster, said the company more than doubled its space by moving from approximately 90,000 square 
feet in Duryea to the more than 200,000-square-foot building in Exeter.

“So far, the move has been a positive one, and the future looks bright,” said Foster.
PowerRail has other facilities in the United States, partnerships in Canada, and a parallel company in 
Australia, but they have made Exeter their home. During the Ribbon Cutting ceremony, Foster 
wanted to thank local and state officials for their support and assistance over the years, including 
leading up to the move, as well as the support of the employees, customers, and vendors.

“I want to thank all the employees that helped us move here. It was a lot of work,” stated Foster. He 
continued, “I also really appreciate the many people that flew in or drove here to see us and to see 
the new facility. It demonstrates how PowerRail’s culture has grown beyond just these walls, and I’m 
very indebted for that.”

During the event, guests mingled outside, playing cornhole and enjoying refreshments. PowerRail 
employees offered tours of the new facility, allowing guests to see the company’s operations inside 
and out.

Originally formed in 2003, PowerRail is a United States-based company, with several locations in 
various parts of the world. PowerRail proudly offers a wide range of new and rebuilt rail-related parts 
and components including bearings and journal boxes, electrical rotating parts, engine components, 
compressors, pumps, and motors from their various manufacturing facilities across the US. In 
addition, PowerRail offers locomotive rebuilds, overhauls, and mobile maintenance at their locomotive 
shop. PowerRail also serves as a global supplier with locations in Europe and Australia

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