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Yangtze Railroad Materials has supplied high-quality railroad fastener materials in North America since 1989. The products we supply include but not limited to the following categories:

·        Joint Bars with AREMA standard, 115-119RE,132-136-141RE, 122CB, and 100RB.

·        Compromise joint bars that can meet the needs of different rails sections, and strength requirements.

·        Rail Clips including 2055, 2056, 2063, 2063B, 2064 E-Clips , and Mechanically Deposit Galv. for 2055, and 2063 E-Clips, PR601A and J-Clips, Save Lock.

·        Track Bolts, Frog Bolts, and Switch Bolts or Thin Head Switch Bolts all size.

·        Screw Spikes and Drive Spikes in various sizes, also Recessed head timber screws for construction, and H. D. G. hook bolts for bridges.

·        AREMA 1967 Spec. and Extra Duty Lock Washers.

·        Stainless Steel inserts and Nylon Inserts.

·        Hot Forged Tie Plates for 5-1/2″ and 6″ Rail bases.

·        Weld-on Shoulders such as Big Weld-on Shoulders, Small weld-on shoulders, 7299 or 7300 Weld-on Shoulders, Self-Aligning-Shoulder, and 6575 Shoulder for Concrete Tie.


More importantly from fifteen years ago, we have spent a great amount of time and effort on the development of a New Material for the High Crack Resistant Joint Bars. The new material has passed all the tests which contain 10M Fatigue and Extremely Low Temperature of Charpy Testing, and Mechanical   Procedures . and passed the above test the High Crack Resistant Joint Bars can withstand severe weather and conditions. All the tests are conducted in the United States.

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