Holland LP Rail Measurement Systems and Services Division Reaches Five Years Injury Free

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Holland’s Railway Measurement Systems and Services Business Unit reaches Major Safety Milestone

February 19, 2018 – Crete, IL – Holland is proud to announce that its Railway Measurement Systems and Services (RMSS) business unit celebrated its fifth consecutive year with zero recordable injuries on February 18, 2018. This is a tremendous accomplishment that embodies not only the unit’s but the entire company’s commitment to building a culture of safety.

“Five years injury free is incredible given the challenging environment we operate in,” noted Jordan Wolf, President. He continued to recognize the commitment and continued effort demonstrated by RMSS’ achievement of this milestone saying, “they really lead the way and provide inspiration to the rest of the company and myself. If they can achieve such a tremendous goal, we all can.” Holland’s 2020 Safety goal is to achieve zero injuries across all business units.

Chief Operating Officer, Mike O’Grady echoed these sentiments, saying, “this remarkable safety milestone could not have been achieved without the exceptional teamwork and attention to detail by the members of RMSS. All of RMSS has worked hard as a single team to make safety the number one priority, creating a culture of safety that is industry leading.”

“RMSS’ exemplary safety is a result of dedicated efforts, operational excellence, and a commitment to safety and the well-being of our people all combined to form a solid and sustainable safety culture,” said Felix Krupczynski, RMSS General Manager. "We are proud of our team and continue to make safety an on-going priority – every minute of every day.”

Holland’s RMSS business unit focuses on providing technologies and services designed to satisfy the track geometry and rail profile measurement requirements of Class 1, Regional, Short Line, and Transit properties in North America. Our technology systems are compliant with FRA Class 5, Transport Canada, and customer-specific requirements to provide critical data for accurate assessment of track conditions. RMSS’ Rangecam software converts this data into useful information needed to make critical prescriptive and predictive decisions about railway maintenance and planning.


About Holland LP Holland LP is a dedicated engineering-based company servicing the railroad and related industries. Since 1935, Holland has pioneered the delivery of comprehensive and progressive transportation solutions that increase the speed of transportation. Additional information about the company can be found at www.hollandco.com.


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