Diversified Metal Fabricators Inc.

Leading Manufacturer of Railgear, Roto-180 & Remote Drive System

665 Pylant St NE
Atlanta, GA 30306

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About Diversified Metal Fabricators Inc.

Diversified Metal Fabricators is an Atlanta, Georgia, manufacturing company, supplying the railroad industry since 1972. Our product line includes hi-rail conversion kits for trucks from 6,500 lbs GVWR to 125-ton cranes, as well as rotary dump units, remote control stations and other custom-designed products for maintenance-of-way applications.

Products by Diversified Metal Fabricators Inc.

By Diversified Metal Fabricators Inc.

Raildogs DMF raildogs are a safety device that attach to the truck frame of a hi-rail vehicle and clamp to the head of the track. They are used on trucks that can experience shifting loads such as a DMF Roto-180 that is dumping ballast or a boom truck doing heavy trackside picks. In the event of a sudden... Read more »

By Diversified Metal Fabricators Inc.

Remote Control The DMF Remote Control System is a productivity-enhancing addition to any truck which allows its user to drive a hi-rail vehicle on track from a location other than the driver’s seat. From the remote station the operator has control over all the truck functions needed to move the vehicle forward... Read more »

By Diversified Metal Fabricators Inc.

Railgear DMF’s RW Series Railgear has fewer moving parts which means less maintenance and fewer breakdowns. The Rail Guides and undercarriage assembly weigh less and the design is more compact than other models. Read more »