Sieb Sales & Engineering, Inc. Designated as U.S. Authorized Warranty and Repair Facility for KW-Generator GEMA Systems

Press Release from Sieb Sales & Engineering, Inc.

Sieb Sales & Engineering, Inc. (SS&E), a long established magnetic material handling equipment supplier, is pleased to announce an agreement has been reached with KW-Generator, whereby SS&E’s facility located in Highland, IN shall serve as an Authorized Repair Facility in the United States and thus be enabled to provide factory authorized maintenance, repair, and warranty service on KW-Generator GEMA systems.

KW-Generator is a German company that provides high-performance generators for the industrial, construction and transportation industries.   Their GE nerator for MA gnet plate systems, GEMA (sold by SS&E as i ntegrated MAG net s ystems iMAGs ) are highly innovative, compact integrated generator controller systems for the operation of electro-lifting magnets.

Sieb Sales & Engineering, Inc., established in 1967, has an unmatched depth of knowledge of all kinds of lifting magnet systems and magnet system applications.     Sieb’s unrivaled technical support and service will serve KW-Generator well and our location in the heart of the Chicago’s industrial belt allows for excellent transportation opportunities to and from virtually all locations throughout the United States.   Visit us at: 

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