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About J&A Industries

J&A Industries, LLC, has served the needs of the railroad signal systems industry since 1986 as a premier product manufacturer and service support provider. Our goal is to provide value and on-time delivery of all signal equipment, layouts, foundations, and switch hardware to our customers.

Our engineering services, including complete AutoCAD support services, provide experienced solutions to many of today’s customer challenges. Since 1997 we have supported moveable span bridge signal upgrade projects for many of the top railroad businesses throughout the world.

In 2010 J&A developed a new, patented foldable signal mast ladder and platform, which arrives pre-assembled and requires less than an hour of field work prior to install. J&A has also expanded upon the product line of lightweight field power tools, field proven since 1998. Developed for installation and maintenance projects, these field tested rail drills, mast drills, spring switch gauges, and spring frog testers are an exceptional value. We continue to grow our extensive line of tools to assist our customers.

J&A Industries is proud to be a growing part of the railroad industry, and we strive to provide competitively priced quality parts, delivered on time. We understand the rail business and are certain to provide products and services that help our customers to grow with us.

Products by J&A Industries

By J&A Industries

Signal Mast Structures

J&A's mast ladder platforms are designed for the ultimate ease of assembly and long term right of way solutions. Our mast platforms are designed to be conveniently collapsible for shipping, and can be assembled in as little as fifteen minutes. J&A's foldable Signal Mast Structures are a staple... Read more »

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By J&A Industries

High Wide / Shifted Load Detector

The high/wide load detector, or shifted load detector, is designed to prevent cargo loss and protect bridges, overpasses, and property from freight damage.With a simple, durable design that is easy to maintain, J&A's detector aims to prevent road and right of way damage. J&A's high-wide... Read more »

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By J&A Industries

Bridge Signal Detection

A full-service solution to bridge and signal maintenance problems. - Allows removal of high maintenance switch circuit controllers, micro-switches, and switch machines. - Eliminates unnecessary trouble calls - Reduces costly and time-consuming mechanical repairs - Fewer train stops and better... Read more »

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