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  • Tamper Attachment By Mitchell Equipment Corporation

    The Mitchell Tie Tamper attachment handles spot maintenance tamping needs and effectively reduces track maintenance cost. The Mitchell Tie Tamper attachment is designed to fit Loader Backhoes and Excavators. The Tamper is manufactured of high strength steel to be strong enough for up to... Read More
  • Tamper Remanufacturing By Precision Railway Equipment Company LLC

    We remanufacture Harsco 6700 Switch Production Tampers, upfitting them with the latest OEM technology available. We have the ability to remanufacture customers’ existing equipment or procure equipment on their behalf for remanufacturing. -Jupiter II Operating System -All major components... Read More

    We offer a wide variety of cast and fabricated enclosures to include switch, terminal, push button and route selection boxes. Or you can feel free to contact us with your specs and we'll be happy to price a custom enclosure to meet your requirements. Read More
  • Thermit® Welding Kits By Orgo-Thermit, Inc.

    Orgo-Thermit® offers two types of crucibles, a Single-Use crucible and a Degradable crucible. Both options help minimize preparation times leading to cost savings and improved ergonomics. We have been providing safe, efficient, and reliable Thermit® for more than 100 years. We offer a... Read More
  • Third Rail Applications - Tie Crane By RCE - Rail Construction Equipment Co.

    Compact is key in the urban environment. With RCE's new Passenger Rail Tie Crane modified specially for Third Rail Systems, operators can work in even the tightest of conditions in the metro area. With outstanding lift capacity, swing torque and a tight tail swing, these Tie Cranes will keep any... Read More
  • Tie Crane By RCE - Rail Construction Equipment Co.

    With outstanding lift capacity, swing torque and draw-bar pull, tie cranes are highly productive. Boasting a tight tail swing, operators can concentrate on the work in front of them without worrying about damaging the machines or rail cars passing behind them - an ideal piece of equipment for... Read More
  • Tie Equipment By Harsco Rail

    Harsco Rail Tie Equipment features a broad line of high-quality products to meet your maintenance needs. The supreme efficiency and precise control of Harsco Rail’s tie machines delivers unbeatable quality throughout the industry. With continuous improvements to the tie product line, Harsco Rail... Read More
  • Tie Handling Equipment By R.E.L.A.M. Inc.

    RELAM offers high quality railroad track equipment for rental and lease to railroads, railroad construction companies and other industrial companies alike, including tie handling equipment like tie inserters/extractors, and more. Read More
  • Tie Inserters/Extractors/TRIPPs By R.E.L.A.M. Inc.

    RELAM offers high quality railroad track equipment for rental and lease to railroads, railroad construction companies and other industrial companies alike, including tie inserters/extractors: Nordco TRIPPs; 925 S/Ss, Standards, KTR-400s; and more. Please contact us to determine equipment... Read More
  • Tie Rail Grapples By Moley Magnetics

    • 24-Month Warranty • Hardened Shaft • Wear Resistant Blade • Safety Holding Valve • Hardox 400 Read More
  • Tie Renewal: KTC 1200 By Knox Kershaw Inc.

    The KTC 1200 Tie Handling Crane is a heavy duty crane used for moving ties/sleepers of up to 1200 lbs. (544 kg) at a radius of 24 ft. (7.32 m) from the track center. The all welded, reinforced construction of the upper deck and mainframe withstands loading, and provides long life to the... Read More
  • Tie-Master XL® By RCC Fabricators, Inc.

    "The new model is a faster, more efficient version of the original." Featuring an electro-hydraulic control assembly with dual joystick controls, making the unit easier and quicker to operate than the old eight lever system. The latest development enhancements include: Park load sense... Read More
  • Tie-Master® & Tie-Master Gen III® By RCC Fabricators, Inc.

    The Tie Master® is our signature piece. Known in the industry as “Little Red”, it is an affordable, American made machine that switches out cross ties on existing rail lines and requires only a single operator. Designed, developed and manufactured at our Southampton facility, Tie Master® is a... Read More
  • Tilt-Rotators: Standard/Quick Connect By Moley Magnetics

    • Tilt angle of 40° • 360° of Bi directional Rotation • Operating pressures up to 4,800 PSI and 37 GPM • Proportional Hydraulic controls (allowing for more precise movements) • Flexible smaller section hoses with external metal protection Read More
  • Torque Screwdrivers By Norbar Torque Tools, Inc.

    Norbar's range of Torque Screwdrivers embodies the values of the TT Series brand: accuracy, ease of use and comfort in use. With an accuracy that exceeds the requirement of ISO6789 (+/-6% for tools up to 10 N·m). Furthermore, they are engineered to retain this accuracy over many thousands of... Read More
  • Torque Wrenches By Norbar Torque Tools, Inc.

    Norbar Torque Tools manufacture an extensive range of high quality torque wrenches to cover torque values from 1 N·m to 2000 N·m. They are designed and manufactured to exceed international standards for accuracy. In addition to the normal 'adjustable' torque wrenches, Norbar offer Production... Read More
  • TraCast™ Crossing By OMNI Products, Inc

    The OMNI TraCast™ grade crossing design is a system of precast concrete modules with a minimum compressive strength of 6,000 psi. Elastic fasteners are used to secure the rail to the base of the rail troughs. The module design eliminates the use of ties and ballast. A continuous protective... Read More
  • Track & Crossing Applications By Alcoa Fastening Systems & Rings

    For track and crossing applications, HuckBolts® combine strong, never-come-loose joining power, and easy, safe installation. Huck fasteners have been proven in track applications ranging from insulated joints and gauge plates to crossings applications that include RBM frogs and diamonds. In... Read More
  • Track and Real Estate Appraisal Services By Kenneth Young & Associates

    Kenneth Young & Associates offers a comprehensive package in terms of track and real estate appraisal services. Kenneth Young, Director of Rail Services has performed valuation and appraisal assignments for the Class 1 carriers, regional carriers and holding companies, and many of the... Read More
  • Track Design and Construction By H&H Engineering Construction, Inc.

    Visit our website to see some of our completed track design and construction projects. Read More
  • Track Inspection By Mountain States Contracting Inc.

    Mountain States offers Track Inspection by certified FRA Track Inspectors for Industry Tracks and Rail Lines. We inspect tracks to create efficient customer recommendations for new construction that work in their budgets, as well as keeping up with FRA regulations. If you are looking for some... Read More
  • Track Inspection and Maintenance Services By H&H Engineering Construction, Inc.

    Visit our website to see examples of our completed track inspection and maintenance projects. Read More
  • Track Inspection Equipment By R.E.L.A.M. Inc.

    We provide railway equipment for short or long term leasing, and we have equipment for all your railway needs. Talk to us about track inspection equipment available for lease. Read More
  • Track Lifter By Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.

    The Track Lifter can lift track up to 12 inches, creating a new sub-ballast layer and establishing a more permeable ballast and overall stronger structure. Additionally, it operates at higher speeds than traditional machines (up to 4 mph) and reduces the amount of tamper equipment required.... Read More
  • Track Repair By Mountain States Contracting Inc.

    Our track maintenance and inspection services are designed to prevent emergencies, but our track repair services will be sure to react quickly to any that occur. No matter the scale of the damage is, we will be sure to respond. Included in our track repair services are the following: • routine... Read More
  • Track Services By RailWorks

    Looking for a railroad track contractor? RailWorks is ready for the job. We're a full-service railroad, light rail and transit track contractor at work in the United States and Canada through our network of more than 20 field offices. Our clients benefit from a unique combination and depth of... Read More
  • Track Switch Heaters By Railway Equipment Company - RECO

    RECo's full line of track switch heaters and accessories can be found across North America. By leveraging the latest technology in sensing control and heating design, our heaters continue to evolve to ensure maximum switch protection in the most adverse conditions. The product line includes: Gas... Read More
  • Track Utility Vehicle By ARVA Industries Inc.

    Diesel-powered, hydrostatically-driven vehicle with optional attachments for snow removal, de-icing, rail pressure washing, etc. Designed for transporting personnel to and from a job site, as well as various maintenance functions, including snow removal, de-icing, rail pressure washing. Read More
  • Trackwork/Materials Inspection Services By CR Quality Services, Inc.

    CR Quality Services, Inc. offers source inspection services of a vast variety of products to include, but not limited to, metal castings, fabricated products, forging, precision products, field inspections, and treated wood products. Our common inspections include: -Ballast -Bridge... Read More
  • TracShield By Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.

    TracShield is the patented wayside track friction management system for the top-of-rail that uses an environmentally clean friction modifier. TracShield applies a friction modifier on both rails every time a train passes over the application area. The Friction Modifier (FM) is then carried by... Read More
  • Trimble C2M System By Trimble Rail

    Trimble C2M: Component Condition Monitoring Trimble C2M provides full condition monitoring identifying the condition of all the key components being monitored and reports on defect identification, wear detection, and automates maintenance planning. The system utilizes a combination of... Read More
  • Trimble E2M System By Trimble Rail

    Trimble E2M: Engineering Maintenance Management Trimble® E2M is an engineering asset and maintenance management system. Designed specifically for the rail sector it manages and controls assets and components, streamlines parts and materials usage, and oversees resource and procurement... Read More
  • Trimble GEDO Systems By Trimble Rail

    Throughout their lifecycle, rail operators demand efficient approaches to planning, construction, operations, maintenance, and expansion. These applications call for innovative solutions for measurement and information management. Based on decades of experience in the railway industry, Trimble... Read More
  • Trimble Juno T41 R-AEI Handheld By Trimble Rail

    The Trimble® Juno® T41 R-AEI is a mobile handheld industrial computer with an integrated Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) RFID capability designed to read rail-industry specific AEI tags and the EPC tags that are used all over the world, at the same time, with high accuracy, and at safe distances for... Read More
  • Trimble P2M System By Trimble Rail

    Trimble P2M: Planning & Performance Management The Trimble P2M in-service performance planning and management system uses timetable, actual vehicle location, and real-time diagnostic information to identify the root cause of delays and to plan journeys for optimum timetable adherence. Through... Read More
  • Trimble R2M System By Trimble Rail

    Trimble R2M: Real-time Remote Diagnostic Monitoring Using a combination of shore-based software and on-train hardware Trimble R2M processes diagnostic data from rail vehicles in real time. It provides a comprehensive view of overall fleet status including specific vehicle faults and... Read More
  • Troubleshooting By Precision Railway Equipment Company LLC

    We offer troubleshooting assistance should you have any issues with your equipment or operational questions. Over the phone training is also available if needed. Read More
  • Truck-Crane Railroad Grapples By Moley Magnetics

    • 24-Month Warranty • Fully Protected Cylinders • Indexator Rotators • Hardened Bushings • Heavier Duty Body Construction • Multiple Pinned Tines • Double Acting Safety Valves • 6 Sizes Available Read More
  • TS-RT Series Material Handling Cart By Nolan Company

    FEATURES Larger Deck Area: Deck size has increased by more than 400 square inches — accommodating loads up to 5,000 pounds. Cart Weighs Less: We reduced the weight of the TS Series carts 5% to 14% depending on the model — helpful during setup on track, and for portability and... Read More
  • Tungsten Carbide Tamping Tools By Ballast Tools Inc. (BTI)

    BTI Tungsten Carbide Tamping Tools are the MOW standard for durability and performance tamping for more than 30 years. Expect high insertion counts and long consistent tamping performance out of each tool. Ballast Tools has specifically engineered BTI Tamping Tools for all Plasser, Harsco... Read More