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  • Rail Blade - Hi Rail Motor Grader By RCE - Rail Construction Equipment Co.

    Offering one-of-a-kind advantages, RCE's Rail Blade - a high rail motor grader - is the first of its kind in the industry. Choose from six full featured high rail motor graders each loaded with brawny blades equipped with the same heavy duty durability and uptime-boosting features. Whether... Read More
  • Rail Boom By RCE - Rail Construction Equipment Co.

    The Rail Boom - a material handling boom - is ideal for lift and hold applications. This attachment provides the ultimate in versatility - one day a Rail Boom, the next an excavator bucket - with ease. The Rail Boom was designed for a Railavator but can be sold separately which provides the... Read More
  • Rail Construction Carts By RCE - Rail Construction Equipment Co.

    RCE manufacturers various products including side dump, material, scrap and tie carts. All can be custom built to desired specifications. Carts feature safety bumpers and derail guards, hydraulic or air actuated disc brakes, heavy duty latches and recessed lift rings in the bed floor. Read More
  • Rail Equipment for Contractors By R.E.L.A.M. Inc.

    Railroad Equipment Leasing And Maintenance (RELAM) Inc. is centrally located just outside Cleveland, Ohio. We provide contractors with railway equipment for short or long term leasing, and we have equipment for all your railway needs. Contact us today to discuss leasing terms and conditions and... Read More
  • Rail Line Maintenance By Mountain States Contracting Inc.

    Mountain States maintains several rail line operations. Our rail line service teams provide many of the same maintenance services our construction service teams provide, and their services also include: • Hy-rail Track Inspections • Production Tie Gang • Production Rail Gangs • Production Track... Read More
  • Rail Products By Southeast Railroad Supply Company

    Stock new and relay rail sold blank or drilled. Many grades and price points available. Read More
  • Rail Welding Equipment By R.E.L.A.M. Inc.

    Railroad Equipment Leasing And Maintenance (RELAM) Inc. provides railway equipment for short or long term leasing, and we have equipment for all your railway needs, including rail welding equipment, and more. Read More
  • RailArmor® Rail Lubricant By Whitmore Rail

    Rail curve protection taken to the next level. Railroads incur significant costs grinding and replacing rails due to the enormous friction at the rail-wheel interface. By reducing the friction at the rail-wheel interface, Whitmore rail curve lubricants reduce wheel flange and rail wear, extend... Read More
  • Railavator By RCE - Rail Construction Equipment Co.

    Whether it's pulling rail, cutting brush, craning items, under cutting, tamping ties, or just digging and trenching - the Railavator will arm you for top productivity. With its patented hydraulic powered retractable high rail, you can take it anywhere you need it. All the power, smoothness, ease... Read More
  • Railcar & Transport Fall Protection By HySafe

    Workers and personnel face numerous fall hazards in the rail, shipping and transport industry. From truck tarping to mobile access platforms to overhead lifelines Hy-Safe can design, engineer and install a fall protection solution. Various custom fall protection solutions guarantee all your... Read More
  • Railcar Repair & Maintenance: Field Services By Montana Hydraulics, LLC

    We believe that quality maintenance and repair is of utmost importance to the life of your railcars, which is why we repair, modify and rebuild railcars and railcar components with quality and integrity. When you simply need a part, we manufacture custom parts to your specifications. Our 22,000... Read More
  • Raildogs By Diversified Metal Fabricators Inc.

    DMF raildogs are a safety device that attach to the truck frame of a hi-rail vehicle and clamp to the head of the track. They are used on trucks that can experience shifting loads such as a DMF Roto-180 that is dumping ballast or a boom truck doing heavy trackside picks. In the event of a sudden... Read More
  • Railgear By Diversified Metal Fabricators Inc.

    DMF’s RW Series Railgear has fewer moving parts which means less maintenance and fewer breakdowns. The Rail Guides and undercarriage assembly weigh less and the design is more compact than other models. Read More
  • RailGuard™ VRA Crossing By OMNI Products, Inc

    OMNI Virgin Rubber RailGuard™ (VRA) is made from 100% virgin rubber. VRA protects the track structure by absorbing traffic impact loads, provides a positive flangeway which controls surface water runoff, and prevents breakup of the asphalt at the rail interface. The VRA design has several... Read More
  • Rail-NETTM Remote Asset Management By Railway Equipment Company - RECO

    Do you have assets that range from easy accessibility via wayside roads, to having to receive track authority to access the asset via a high-rail truck? Does maintenance, inspection, and upkeep prove difficult when resources are limited and conditions can be dangerous? Railway Equipment... Read More
  • Railroad Grade Crossing Projects By Crouch Engineering, Inc.

    Crouch Engineering provides the following services related to the planning, evaluation, feasibility, design and construction project management for new grade crossings, grade crossing rehabilitation and widening and removal of existing grade crossings: • Data collection. • Safety... Read More
  • Railroad Liability By Commercial Insurance Associates LLC

    The railroad practice at CIA has positioned itself as one of the most knowledgeable in the insurance marketplace, aligning itself with national trade affiliations such as the National Railroad Construction & Maintenance Association (NRC) and the American Shortline and Regional Railroad... Read More
  • Railroad Machinery By R.E.L.A.M. Inc.

    RELAM Inc. was created in 1992 to help make high quality railroad track equipment available for rental and lease to railroads, railroad construction companies and other industrial companies alike. Speak to us about any machinery we may have available for sale. Read More
  • Railroad MOW Equipment Maintenance and Repair By Montana Hydraulics, LLC

    We know that maintenance of way (MOW) machinery is of paramount importance in keeping the world’s railroads safe, dependable and profitable. The volume of goods transported by rail continues to increase, taxing existing track with more traffic and heavier loads, in turn requiring increased... Read More
  • Railroad Precast By American Concrete Products

    Our goal is to provide the railroad industry exact standards, consistent quality and efficiency. Road Crossing Panels Wing Walls Abutment Caps Pile Caps Bridge Girders Signal Foundation Box Culverts Custom Products Read More
  • Railroad Precast Concrete Right-of-Way/Milepost Markers By Century Group Inc.

    Century Group Inc. has the expertise and ability to produce precast concrete mile markers for use on Class I and Shortline railroads and the light rail transit industry. The precast concrete milepost markers are available in a wide variety of dimensions to suit your railroads specific... Read More
  • Railroad Project Management By Crouch Engineering, Inc.

    Crouch Engineering has a national reputation for providing cost effective, safe, efficient, constructible track project designs, competitive bid phase work and construction project management meeting the operational needs of the railroad carrier. Crouch Engineering performs full service track... Read More
  • Railroad Protective Liability By Commercial Insurance Associates LLC

    In addition to providing outstanding bonding and insurance capabilities, CIA has an exclusive relationship with AXIS Track Report. This national railroad industry bid advertising service allows our railroad contracting clients to capture new contracting opportunities throughout the United... Read More
  • Railroad Services By Midwest Mole, Inc.

    Midwest Mole has been providing safe and cost-effective solutions for railway drainage installations for more than 30 years. From repairing or replacing existing drainage structures to installing new storm water systems, Midwest Mole understands the importance of keeping disruptions of rail... Read More
  • Railroad Spill Collection/Containment Pan System By Century Group Inc.

    The Century Group offers the most innovative and revolutionary railroad spill collection systems available to assist industry in being good stewards of the environment. The Enviropan® systems by Century Group are offered in a variety of designs and materials to meet the client's specific needs... Read More
  • Railroad Track Equipment Leasing and Rental By R.E.L.A.M. Inc.

    Railroad Equipment Leasing And Maintenance (RELAM) Inc. is centrally located just outside Cleveland, Ohio. We provide railway equipment for short or long term leasing, and we have equipment for all your railway needs. We strive to provide excellent quality equipment at the best possible prices.... Read More
  • Railroad Valuation and Financial Services By Kenneth Young & Associates

    Our team approach to valuation, including real estate and engineering expertise, has proven most effective in developing a comprehensive railroad valuation and consulting practice. Kenneth Young & Associates has and continues to perform railroad consulting services and valuation studies for many... Read More
  • Railway Engineering Services By Crouch Engineering, Inc.

    Crouch Engineering provides expert support for track inspections, track design, passenger and commuter rail planning, grade crossing design and track construction project management. Track Design Services Railroads have a wide variety of facilities and situations with different track needs.... Read More
  • Railway Improvement By Tensar International Corporation

    The structural support of a rail line is an essential component of successful railroad construction and maintenance. It can involve a number of challenges including the mitigation of soft or variable soil conditions, ballast restoration and track realignment. The use of geogrids is an... Read More
  • Raptor Rail Handling System By Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.

    The Loram long rail pick-up and delivery system consists of: twin independent gantry cranes with telescoping booms, 3-car work unit, with rail joining workstations and integrated power cars and high-capacity rail transport trains. The Raptor can grasp and load any rail segment located within... Read More
  • Reinforced Soil Slopes (RSS) and Steepened Slopes By Tensar International Corporation

    Reinforced soil slopes and steepened slopes present unique stability challenges, but they can be better alternatives to other grade separation applications when there is a need or preference for one or more of the following: -Natural, landscaped, sloping structures -Enhanced property values... Read More
  • Remote Control By Diversified Metal Fabricators Inc.

    The DMF Remote Control System is a productivity-enhancing addition to any truck which allows its user to drive a hi-rail vehicle on track from a location other than the driver’s seat. From the remote station the operator has control over all the truck functions needed to move the vehicle forward... Read More
  • RG400 Series Rail Grinders By Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.

    With the capability to grind up to 20 mph, the RG400 Series Rail Grinders are a the best choice for maximizing available track time while lowering unit cost. The RG400 Series offers higher stone counts, shorter machine lengths, higher water capacities, advanced grind controls, improved traction... Read More
  • RGS Speciality Grinder By Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.

    The RGS Speciality Grinder has the capability to grind switches, crossings, and speciality track work as well as open rail. It is the most versatile grinder in Loram's fleet of grinders. Featuring the same highly productive 30 HP grind motor as on large Production Rail Grinders the RGS... Read More
  • Ride-On Tie Plugger By Sperling Railway Services, Inc.

    The Ride-On Tie Plugging machine is a double ended machine designed to be used in a single rail gang application. The machine employs a two part chemical tie plugging dispensing system such as SpikeFast. The operators are seated in conditioned cabs while plugging. The machine can be used with... Read More
  • RM2003 By Plasser American

    The RM2003 is a high performance Ballast Cleaning machine that gives the highest quality results under the toughest operating conditions. The powerful cutting chain and high capacity screening unit ensures high working speeds, even in heavily fouled, encrusted ballast. The RM2003 is equipped... Read More
  • Roof Fall Protection Post By HySafe

    Whether it’s an existing or upcoming building, Hy-Safe offers a complete range of roof fall protection anchors and engineered systems that can be fitted to a range of roof structures. Hy-Safe offers many solutions for rooftop fall protection • Permanent and temporary applications • Built up,... Read More
  • Roof Top Air Conditioning and Heating Units By MacBone Industries, Ltd.

    Cooling is provided by a compression/expansion refrigeration system using refrigerant R134-A with all metal tubing (no rubber hoses). Heating is provided by using the machine's engine coolant, engine oil or hydraulic fluid. The entire heating circuit is metal tubing (no rubber hoses). Power for... Read More
  • RP-1-RT and RP-1F-RT Rail Puller By Nolan Company

    Nolan’s rail pullers has the strength, versatility and ease of handling to make ribbon rail handling efficient. Model RP-1 is cast steel and is designed for standard rail handling. Model RP-1F is our fabricated version and has a similar design. The RP-1F is most useful when handling heavy duty... Read More