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  • MacBone Industries Overhaul Program By MacBone Industries, Ltd.

    In the MacBone Overhaul Program, a MacBone unit enters in the condition seen at left and leaves completely overhauled as shown on the right. Program Features: • One-year warranty applies to all overhauled units. • 63 parts are replaced on all overhauled units. • Any faulty parts not typically... Read More
  • Mag Crane By RCE - Rail Construction Equipment Co.

    Built on the same platform as the successful tie crane series, the 85D Mag Crane is equipped with a hydraulically powered magnet for pickup of scrap material. This process eliminates the need for workers to walk up and down the rail picking up items by hand, providing a safer work environment.... Read More
  • Magnet base solar lantern By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4015-180 ◾ Rare earth 60 lb. pull magnet keeps lantern secure on top of rail. ◾ Brilliant 4 LED flashing blue light operates up to 22 nights on full battery charge. ◾ Lantern must be used in upright position. ◾ Light turns off when lantern is titled 45 degrees or more. ◾ To... Read More
  • Magnet Base Solar Lantern By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4015-180 ◾ Rare earth 60 lb. pull magnet keeps lantern secure on top of rail. ◾ Brilliant 4 LED flashing blue light operates up to 22 nights on full battery charge. ◾ Lantern must be used in upright position. Light turns off when lantern is titled 45 degrees or more. ◾ Solar... Read More
  • Magnetic Base Sign Holder For Exposed And Flush Rail By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4015-54 No other sign holder can attach itself to flush rail like our Magnet Base Holder. ◾ Aluminum holder utilizes a pair of powerful rare-earth magnets to grip to exposed or flush rail. ◾ No more bending or stooping to get a clamp around the rail. The worker simply places the... Read More
  • Magnetic Chock Holder By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4011-46 ◾ For all double urethane chocks ◾ Rare earth magnet will not slip. Weight 2 lbs. Read More
  • Magnetic Flex-E Form Sign Holder By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4015-293 Mount in front of overhead doorways or use on any flush rail application to keep your employees safe. ◾ When impacted, Flex-E Form sign holders are designed to spring back to an upright position. ◾ Secured by three powerful neodymium magnets and removed in seconds... Read More
  • Magnetic Hand Spike Setter By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4123-132 Hold spike in place with this magnetic tool. Weight 1 lb. Read More
  • Magnetic Mini-Light For Sign Holders By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4015-32 ◾ Small but brilliant flashing mini-light with magnet base/steel clip. ◾ Fits all derails and sign holders, except: 4015-02, 4015-03, and 4015-04. Weight: 2 oz. Read More
  • Magnetic Rail Car Status Signs By Aldon Company, Inc.

    ◾ Keep workers and switching crews aware of rail car status. ◾ Aluminum sign plate (.080” thick) lettered on both sides, with powerful rare-earth magnet that strong wind cannot dislodge. Sticks to side of car or end-strut. Handle makes removal easier ◾ Change signs as car status changes... Read More
  • Magnetic Rail-Top Sign Holder (sign plate not included) By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4015-230 ◾ Use the rail as a sign holder. ◾ Powerful rare earth magnet keeps holder in place on the rail. ◾ Accepts 12" x 15" sign plate. Weight: 5 lbs. Sign plate NOT INCLUDED. Standard wording OSHA mandated sign plates can be ordered from our website: aldonco.com Read More
  • Maintenance Services By CTC, Inc.

    CTC provides signal maintenance services. Read More
  • Maintenance-Free Axle Assemblies By Swingmaster

    - Maintenance free axle bearings. No lubrication required - Axle solid spacers standard which eliminates axle translation - Precision manufacturing tolerances eliminate premature axle failure - Internal manufacturing allows for short lead times for assemblies and components - Custom axles... Read More
  • Manual Car Mover With Guard By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4017-01 Hand Car Mover. Car Mover multiplies worker's efforts through compound leverage. Includes handle. Flat track only. Weight 20 lbs. CAUTIONS: ◾ For use on flat track only. Do not use this product to push railcars up or down slopes. ◾ When moving a car, keep the foot engaged... Read More
  • Manual Torque Multipliers By Norbar Torque Tools, Inc.

    Norbar gearboxes are built to an extremely high standard of precision. All gears rotate on needle roller bearings about hardened and ground journal pins. As a result, Norbar HandTorques can be relied upon to have a torque multiplication accuracy of +/-4%, throughout the operating range, taking... Read More
  • Manufacturing & Engineering By Holland L.P.

    Holland is commited to innovation and capitalizes on our expertise in R & D, Engineering and Manufacturing. Holland’s equipment business unit houses a highly-skilled team of engineers and machinists who are responsible for the design, development, manufacturing and refurbishment of rail welding... Read More
  • McCarty Freight Car Rerailers By Aldon Company, Inc.

    4118-14-I rail size: 90-130 lbs. INSIDE Weight 207 lbs. 4118-14-O rail size: 90-130 lbs. OUTSIDE Weight 165 lbs. 4118-15-I rail size: 131-152 lbs. INSIDE Weight 211 lbs. 4118-15-O rail size: 131-152 lbs. OUTSIDE Weight 190 lbs. An old and reliable design for two-way rerailing of... Read More
  • McCord Rail Products By McCord Tie and Timber, Inc.

    McCord Rail Products Cross Ties Switch Ties Bridge Timbers Specialty Timbers Wood-Creosote Crossing Panels Single and Solid Crossings Treating Services Only (TSO) Creosote Treating Read More
  • Measuring devices and services By Orgo-Thermit, Inc.

    A unique tool designed to check for straightness on both the running and directing surface of rails. Heavy haul technology for prevention of track buckling and rail fracture by non-destructive testing of the neutral temperature in continuous welded rail. Our full-scan measuring service includes... Read More
  • Mechanical Track Jack By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4123-65 ◾ Mechanical track jack provides low handle effort. Can be used for lifting (vertical) or pushing (horizontal) applications. ◾ Forged and heat treated components for strength and long service life. Does not accept lining bar for handle. ◾ Does not accept lining bar for... Read More
  • Metro 4x4 / Metro 4x4 ZW By Plasser American

    The Plasser METRO 4x4 is a heavy-duty, high performance switch and production tamping machine specially designed for the stringent requirements of transit railway systems. It is standard equipped with fully automatic, computer controlled (AGGS) lifting, leveling and lining systems. The Plasser... Read More
  • MITCHELL RAIL THREADER’S By Mitchell Equipment Corporation

    Mitchell’s line of Rail Threaders includes “Ball Threaders”, “Triangle Threaders”, “Square Threaders” and “Anchor Remover Threaders”. Each model Rail Threaders has a specific application for the rail threading process. All models have hardened rollers and protected bearings inside the rollers.... Read More
  • Mobile Flash-Butt Welding By Holland L.P.

    Holland is the industry leader in the field of flash-butt welding, not only in terms of available resources, but also in experience and dedication to continual development of new technology that enables us to adapt to the evolving requirements of the railroad community. Our Intelliweld® Control... Read More
  • Model 181LTC Swingloader By Swingmaster

    Model 181LTC Swingloader Capacity: 10,000 pound lift and carry capacity 180° swing (90° each side of center) Dimensions: GVW 34,000 lbs. with hirail gear Length 207” | Width 97-3/8″ | Height 130” Read More
  • Modular Guardrail By HySafe

    HySafe offers this modular guardrail. It is a passive fall protection system that is easy to assemble on standing seam and metal deck rooftops. This guardrail weighs between 1.1 lbs. to 3 lbs. The lightweight design reduces the weight load on the roof. This permanent system is made with steel... Read More
  • Moley Mag II 24V (ESB) By Moley Magnetics

    • No Generator Needed • New Heavy Duty 32 Deep Wound Magnet Available • New Heavy Duty Steel Enclosure • Simpler & More Reliable Mag Control System • Optional Pistol Grip Controller • Various Sizes Available (26″, 32″, 36″ & 40″) • Very Simple to Install • Extremely Dependable • Inexpensive to... Read More
  • Mouse Trap Spring Loaded Sign Holder By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4015-95 Save your back and protect your rail siding with our ergonomic sign holder design. Step down on the pedal and the spring-action holder drops beneath the top of rails. Step down on the roll pin, to raise the sign holder to an upright position. The sign holder can be padlocked... Read More
  • MPM – Multi-Purpose Machine By Herzog

    Machine Specifications • 27′ reach from track center • Operated with one Herzog operator • Roto-tilt indexator head • Self-propelled travel in both directions – Each end set-up with horn, bell, ditch light, and headlights • Standard quick change attachments include bucket, magnet, and... Read More
  • Multiple Tie Tamping By Plasser American

    Innovative designs in Multiple-Tie-Tamping provide the latest in tamping machine flexibility. In some regions, track conditions present the challenge of uneven tie spacing, skewed ties and the combined use of wood and concrete ties. In the past, when using high productive, continuous action,... Read More
  • Multi-Purpose Engineering Vehicle (MPEV) By ARVA Industries Inc.

    -High speed industrial tractor with integral front-end loader and backhoe with pneumatic tires -Also designed for rapid deployment to repair damaged roadways and other construction activities -High speed allows machine to move unassisted as part of a military convoy -Diesel engine drive, 2 or 4... Read More
  • Multi-Purpose Step Measurement Gauge (1/8" increments) By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4123-141 ◾ Pocket-sized gauge accurately measures tie plate shift and gaps in rail joints. ◾ Use with a straight-edge to measure rail height differences and rail misalignment at joints. ◾ Easy-to-read 1/8 in. scale with laser-cut notches. Read More