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  • Half Diamond Rerailer By Aldon Company, Inc.

    #4018-11 20 tons/per wheel capacity for standard freight cars. Weight: 5,500 lbs. #4018-23 40 tons/per wheel capacity for steel mill torpedo cars and other extra heavy railcars. Weight: 6,050 lbs. SINGLE HALF DIAMOND for approaches to buildings, weigh scales, unloading pits. For 1-way... Read More
  • Hang-On Geometry Systems By Holland L.P.

    ArgusTM Gauge Inspector System: Real-Time Gauge Measurement • GPS and encoder are not needed • Wireless communication between system and laptop/tablet • Usable under any conventional hi-rail vehicle with any size trailer hitch (can be provided if vehicle does not have originally) • System unit... Read More
  • Harsco and Nordco Tampers By R.E.L.A.M. Inc.

    RELAM offers high quality railroad track equipment for rental and lease to railroads, railroad construction companies and other industrial companies alike, including Harsco and Nordco tampers: 6700S, SJ, SJ2, Mark IV Switch and Production Tampers; 3300 and HST Chase Tampers; 3000 Tampers w/Raise... Read More
  • Haz-Hammock 1st Response Containment Pouch By Trans Environmental Systems, Inc.

    Haz-Hammock™ is an emergency response containment pouch that can be quickly attached to a leaking tanker truck or tank car. This 55 gallon capacity, polypropylene “bathtub” shaped poly-pouch is designed to handle acids, caustics, solvents, and fuels for many hours. The Haz-Hammock™ weighs only... Read More
  • HDBP-RT / HDBP-TR-RT Bumping Posts By Nolan Company

    HDBP Bumping Post - Clamps to the rails at all four corners - Attached pads rest securely against the ties - Impact force is transferred down into the ties, providing a cushioned stopping action. - Built for standard 56-1/2″ (1,435 mm) track gauge HDBP-TR Bumping Post - Bolts through... Read More
  • HEICO-LOCK Combi-Washer By HEICO Fastening Systems

    The Combi-Washer is HEICO’s newest addition to the proven HEICO-LOCK wedge lock washer family of clamp-load securing lock washers. The Combi-Washer offers huge advantages to both OEM and End User in improving existing applications and granting safety & performance measures to new designs. A... Read More
  • HEICO-LOCK Wedge Lock Washers By HEICO Fastening Systems

    HEICO-LOCK wedge lock washers are the perfect solution to ensuring a bolted joint will not self-loosen even under the most trying conditions. Shock loads, extreme thermal influences and high vibration are the bane of keeping bolted joints tight. HEICO-LOCK wedge lock washers are the proven... Read More
  • HEICO-TEC Tensioning Systems By HEICO Fastening Systems

    HEICO-TEC Tensioning Systems family of products includes the HEICO-TEC Tension Nut, Tension Bolt, Reaction Nut and optional Protective Cap. HEICO-TEC Tension Nuts and Tension Bolts provide a cutting edge option for securing 1” or larger diameter bolted joints. HEICO-TEC Tension Nuts offer an... Read More
  • High-Clearance Distance Counter for Roadmaster Gauge Reader By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4022-20 ◾ Optional Distance Counter rides 2" above rail. ◾ Measures 10,000 feet of travel. ◾ Continuous distance measuring except 10" loss when passing over switch frog gap. ◾ Quick-pin mounting on either side of Roadmaster for change of direction. ◾ Rubber wheel is... Read More
  • Hi-Rail Equipment for Lease By R.E.L.A.M. Inc.

    RELAM offers high quality railroad track equipment for rental and lease to railroads, railroad construction companies and other industrial companies alike, including hi-rail equipment such as hi-rail cranes, speedswings & railheaters: Pettibone Model 445E Speedswing w/Multiple... Read More
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling By Midwest Mole, Inc.

    Horizontal Directional Drilling is an installation method where the drill rig sits on top of the ground and a pilot rod is installed along the alignment. Once the pilot comes out on the other side, a reaming head is attached to the drill rods. Then the hole is enlarged until it has been enlarged... Read More
  • Huck 360® Engineered Nut-and-Bolt Vibration-Resistant Fastening System By Alcoa Fastening Systems & Rings

    The Huck 360® is the most advanced nut-and-bolt fastening system available today. A high-strength, vibration resistant, easy-to-install engineered fastener, Huck 360 can be installed and removed using conventional tools. In addition, this unique fastener offers the ability to be retightened. As... Read More
  • Huck BOBTAIL® Lockbolt Fastener By Alcoa Fastening Systems & Rings

    The Huck BobTail® represents the most advanced fastening technology to date. Engineered to meet the challenges of a wide range of assembly applications, BobTail offers high performance and reliability in a unique, pintail-less design. It offers up to 5 times the fatigue strength of conventional... Read More
  • Hudson 25 Ton Ballast Cars Now Available By R.E.L.A.M. Inc.

    Hudson 25 Ton Ballast Cars now available from RELAM. These cars are great for dropping ballast just like the full sized rail cars. They can be pulled by ballast regulators, speedswings, and hi-rail rotary dump trucks. Call or email us today for more information. Read More
  • Hydraulic Power Notcher By Boschert Precision Machinery, Inc.

    Expand your production capabilities with Stierli-Bieger’s wide range of solutions for horizontal bending. These cost-effective, high-capacity hydraulic bending machines and plate bending machines only require a small footprint. Tools can be changed within seconds for maximum efficiency and... Read More
  • Hydraulic Track Jack By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4123-81 ◾ Hydraulic track jack provides low handle effort. ◾ Can be used for lifting (vertical) only. Not to be used for pushing (horizontal) applications. ◾ Inverted cylinder design helps keep water and debris out of the jack. Specifications: ◾ Lifting Capacity: 10-ton ◾ Stroke:... Read More