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Products in the RT&S Buyer's Guide

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  • ECORail Biobased Railroad Lubricants By Railmark Track Works Inc.

    ECORail Biobased Railroad Lubricants have 4x the lubricity of conventional oils and greases. ECORail offers a Rail Curve Grease and a Universal Switch Lubricant, both of which are designated as both an "EPA" and "USDA" Environmentally Preferred Product Safe for your employees and safe for the... Read More
  • ECORail Products Division By Railmark Track Works Inc.

    Railmark’s ECORail™ product line offers ECO-SAFE coated concrete/steel and treated wood products, along with biobased rail lubricants, for the railroad industry that are not only safe for the environment but enjoy more durability and longer life. Sold and distributed through Railmark Track... Read More
  • Embedded Concrete-Rubber (ECR) Crossing By OMNI Products, Inc

    OMNI's Embedded Concrete-Rubber (ECR) grade crossing system is the latest generation of OMNI's patented single-component, concrete-rubber design. ECR is designed with the rubber flange seal molded into the face of the steel clad, steel reinforced concrete panels. Read More
  • Engineering Services By BNSF Logistics, LLC

    BNSF Logistics, a registered Professional Engineering company, lets you rest assured your cargo is in good hands. We offer a broad range of technical services. For heavy high/wide dimensional cargo, we provide load configurations on pre-clearance drawings and securement designs per AAR Open... Read More
  • Enhanced Blue Flag Sign Plates - 18" x 15" By Aldon Company, Inc.

    ◾ 18" x 15" ◾ .080" aluminum ◾ Engineer grade retro-reflective coating ◾ Signs feature a picture to supplement the sign plate wording ◾ Fits any existing Aldon sign holder Weight: 2 lbs. Explore our wide range of railroad sign plates we offer. ◾ OSHA-Mandated Sign Plates Standard and... Read More
  • Equipment for Bridges By R.E.L.A.M. Inc.

    Speak to us about leasing the best equipment for your bridge construction, design, inspection and repair projects. RELAM Inc. was created in 1992 to help make high quality railroad track equipment available for rental and lease to railroads, railroad construction companies and other industrial... Read More
  • Equipment for Crossties By R.E.L.A.M. Inc.

    Railroad Equipment Leasing And Maintenance (RELAM) Inc. is centrally located just outside Cleveland, Ohio. We provide railway equipment for short or long term leasing, including machinery for crossties. Read More
  • Equipment for Tie Pads/Plates By R.E.L.A.M. Inc.

    RELAM offers high quality railroad track equipment for rental and lease to railroads, railroad construction companies and other industrial companies alike, including tie pads/plates. Call us to learn more. Read More
  • Equipment Leasing By Precision Railway Equipment Company LLC

    We offer equipment leasing for short-term and long-term use. Read More
  • Excavator Hydraulic Drive Rail Gear By Mitchell Equipment Corporation

    Mitchell Hydraulic Drive Rail Gear is adaptable to all brand Hydraulic Excavators. Mitchell offers different models to fit different weight class machines. Model 2020 for mini excavators weighing up to 20K, Model 4545 for excavators weighing up to 45k, and Model 6060 for excavators weighing up... Read More
  • EZ Gate Crossing Arms and Wind Brackets By Railway Equipment Company - RECO

    EZ Gate Crossing Arms from Railway Equipment Co. feature variable lengths that allow for complete installation in any length with no drilling or sawing and a modular design that allows convenient, proper lamp positioning with no need for cutting, striping, crimping, or splicing. EZ Gate wind... Read More