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  • Badger Ditch Cleaner By Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.

    The Badger Ditcher is a self-proplled system that is capable of moving 800 tons of material every hour. It goes where and when it's needed under its own power regardless of wet or dry weather conditions. The ditching wheel cuts a swath that can be varied from 30 to 54 inches wide, at a depth... Read More
  • Ballast Maintenance By Harsco Rail

    Harsco Rail’s ballast maintenance machines increase the longevity and stability of track ballast. Each of Harsco Rail’s ballast maintenance machines focus on effective operation when cleaning, clearing, and distributing ballast. Harsco Rail products are designed to maximize performance,... Read More
  • Ballast Regulators By Ballast Tools Inc. (BTI)

    The BTI parts team has the parts you need to keep your ballast regulator on the job performing better and reducing downtime and change-outs. Tough BTI tungsten carbide wear-parts will keep it operating longer and more efficiently while protecting the machine from wear. We stock a full range of... Read More
  • Ballast Stabilization By Tensar International Corporation

    The Spectra Rail System can be used to help rail operators: -Minimize particle migration in the ballast layer -Reduce the rate of track settlement -Increase the period between ballast maintenance events by three to five times -Minimize service disruption relative to track maintenance The... Read More
  • Ballast Undercutters By Ballast Tools Inc. (BTI)

    BTI parts protect against wear and abrasion in this difficult environment. Chains and chain components, wear-plates, bars and wheels are all engineered, built and tested by BTI to deliver performance and value. Contact us or visit our website to learn more about the ballast undercutters and... Read More
  • Battery Monitors By Railway Equipment Company

    RECo's battery cell monitors collect data such as the temperature and voltage from individual battery cells or battery strings. The collected data allows customer to effectively manage an unlimited number of batteries and proactively target site maintenance. Read More
  • BayNets Safety Systems® By InCord

    BayNets Safety Systems from InCord help guard against accidental falls into service pits. The safety netting system installs to virtually any pit and slides away for easy access when working. We customize safety netting for every type of service bay application - from passenger cars to truck... Read More
  • BDS100 / BDS200 By Plasser American

    The Plasser Ballast Distribution System consists of two complete, separate units that can work together as one machine, or as two separate machines. The BDS100 is equipped with a hopper for ballast storage, conveyors to distribute ballast and a fully adjustable x-type ballast plow, and unique... Read More
  • BioRail® Environmentally Responsible Rail Lubricant By Whitmore Rail

    Environmentally responsible without compromising performance. Railroads incur significant costs grinding and replacing rails due to the enormous friction at the rail-wheel interface. By reducing the friction at the rail-wheel interface, Whitmore rail curve lubricants reduce wheel flange and... Read More
  • Brandt OTM Tracker By Brandt Road Rail Corporation

    The Safest, Most Versatile and efficient material handler in the Rail Industry today. Trusted by many Class 1 Railways, the proven and efficient OTM Tracker is a single, fully integrated track maintenance machine that safely moves from highway transport deck to the top of rail maintenance cars... Read More
  • Brandt Power Unit By Brandt Road Rail Corporation

    For over 20 years, railways have relied on the Brandt Power Unit to provide the mobility and versatility they need, and we are now proud to introduce the newest and most advanced Power Unit yet, the R4. The all new R4 supplies you with the power you need to get your job done quickly and... Read More
  • Brandt Rail Tool By Brandt Road Rail Corporation

    The Brandt Rail Tool is a robust, versatile platform that can be used to productively handle many rail maintenance and construction projects. Whether you are brushcutting, undercutting, material handling, or moving dirt, the Rail Tool is the most versatile rail construction and maintenance tool... Read More
  • Brandt RTB-130 Hi-Rail Backhoe By Brandt Road Rail Corporation

    When it comes to getting results, efficiency is the key and reliable equipment is a must. That’s why the new Brandt RTB 130, the industry’s most powerful, dependable and safe hi-rail backhoe, is built to dig in and work steadily until the job is done. A multimodal excavator and wheel loader in... Read More
  • Bridge Engineering Services By Crouch Engineering, Inc.

    As one of the premier bridge engineering firms in the nation, Crouch Engineering and its experienced team provide safe, practical, cost-effective solutions for bridge repair, rehabilitation and replacement. From load ratings and bridge design to environmental permitting and hydrologic analysis,... Read More
  • BTE 3-Tie Concrete Tie Unloader By Ballast Tools Equipment Products (BTE)

    The BTE Concrete Tie Unloader is specially made to unload up to seven concrete ties at a time, increasing productivity and making tie loading and unloading faster, safer, and more efficient. Features include: Handles 3 ties Tough urethane gripper pads securely hold the ties without... Read More
  • BTE CAT 450F By Ballast Tools Equipment Products (BTE)

    Offering the most power, reach and lift capacity of any backhoe in our lineup, the BTE-450F is designed to handle the big jobs. The BTE-450F is available for purchase or lease. The BTE-450F features: Multi-button joy stick controls attachments BTE Priority Hydraulic Valving system handles... Read More
  • BTE Large Excavators By Ballast Tools Equipment Products (BTE)

    BTE offers a variety of CAT™ excavators, modified specifically for railroad applications. The CAT 320-329 excavator is great for handling larger attachments, like large undercutters and multi-tie unloaders. These help make maintenance go faster, reducing track down time. Available for purchase... Read More
  • BTE Snow Removal Attachments By Ballast Tools Equipment Products (BTE)

    Winter snow and ice bring on plenty of challenges for your railroad. Ballast Tools Equipment’s new line of snow removal attachments is designed to expand our 450, 420 and 312’s capabilities to handle snow-fighting rail/track maintenance duties. With the mobility and flexibility built into BTE... Read More
  • BTE-420 Hi-Rail Backhoe By Ballast Tools Equipment Products (BTE)

    BTE CAT 420 The BTE-420 Hi-Rail backhoe is very effective for quick track work. Spot tamping is easy with this 12-ton machine. It easily tamps diamonds, switches, and other tight areas and includes a hydraulic hose reel for operating hand tools. Hi-rail into difficult locations and work from on... Read More
  • BTE-450F Hi-Rail Backhoe By Ballast Tools Equipment Products (BTE)

    The BTE-450F Hi-Rail has been equipped for fast and flexible on/off-track travel and work. Offering the most power, reach and lift capacity of any backhoe in our lineup, the BTE-450F Hi-Rail is designed to handle the big jobs both on and off track. Combined with our complete line of special... Read More
  • BTI TigerCarb Anchor Spreaders By Ballast Tools Inc. (BTI)

    BTI TigerCarb anchor spreaders fit Harsco Holley anchor spreaders. Contact us to learn more about this product and the other rail/track maintenance tools we offer. Read More

    A fusion of top quality materials, the latest cutting edge manufacturing technologies and precision engineering by a team of talented and experienced industry professionals. Manufactured to your specs with a focus on providing top quality enclosures that are designed and individually tested for... Read More
  • Butt Style Tie Grapples By Moley Magnetics

    • 24-Month Warranty • Hardened Shaft • Wear Resistant Blade • Safety Holding Valve • Hardox 400 Construction • 360° Rotation Available Read More