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  • Absorbent Track Mat 59" wide for inside rails By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4123-148 ◾ Mat comes in 100 foot lengths 59" wide for inside rails. ◾ Absorption capacity: 60 gallons. Weight 70 lbs. Read More
  • Absorbent Track Mat (19" wide panels) By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4123-149 19" wide panels for field sides of track (set of 2). Absorption capacity: 25 gallons. Provides absorbency and drip protection under railcars for a wide variety of petroleum-based products. Three-ply construction consists of top layer of needle-punched polypropylene felt, a... Read More
  • AccuTrack™ Electric Trackside Applicators By Whitmore Rail

    Whitmore has a long history of innovation. Our AccuTrack Electric Trackside Applicators provide technological advancements mechanical and hydraulic lubricators can’t offer. In fact, one electric unit can typically replace several older non-electrical lubricators. Our electric applicators are... Read More
  • ADA Flangeway Filler System By Century Group Inc.

    Century Group Inc. has developed an ADA compliant elastomeric flangeway filler system that is integral to its precast concrete pedestrian grade crossing panel system for installation at newly constructed light, rapid, commuter rail station platforms. The Century ADA filler minimizes the... Read More
  • Air Hose Wrench By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4124-60 Jaw opening 2-3/8" fits hex nut on railcar air line. Weight: 9 lbs Read More
  • Aircraft Fall Protection By HySafe

    HySafe has superior engineering capabilities to solve aircraft and hanger fall hazards. Whether you need a portable solution such as a mobile platform or an access ladder to a vacuum anchor or an overhead lifeline, HySafe can provide you with the best custom solution for all your aircraft fall... Read More
  • AL-102 Rolling Gauge Reader By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4022-10 ◾ Measure up to 2 inches gauge variation while walking down the track. ◾ Spring-action telescopic assembly expands and contracts as gauge changes. ◾ Worker can read gauge while walking by looking down at a lens and gauge scale. ◾ Steel roller bearings measure... Read More
  • AL-106 Rail Tong (Crane Type) By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4123-71 ◾ Lift 39 foot section of railroad "T" rail up to 155 lbs./yd. ◾ Do not drag rail. Lift only. ◾ Capacity 6,000 lbs. Weight 72 lbs. Read More
  • AL-117 Digital Level By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4022-12 ◾ Attaches with Velcro to our: Economy Rolling Track Gauge Reader (Item #: 4022-10) and Roadmaster Rolling Gauge Reader (Item #: 4022-14). ◾ Liquid crystal display has 1/2" numerals readable from 10 feet away. ◾ Measures elevation in 10ths of an inch per foot. Weight... Read More
  • AL-92 Steel R.R. Push Cart By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4025-02 ◾ Two-piece construction reduces carrying weight. ◾ Deck of expanded metal provides a non-skid surface. ◾ Cart comes with U-shaped push handle. ◾ Wheels are 6" dia. aluminum with insulated bearings. ◾ Deck 49" wide" x 50" long. For use on flat track only. Always push cart,... Read More
  • Aluminum Miracle Cart (2 Piece) By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4025-03 ◾ Constructed of 6061T6 alloy aluminum. ◾ Deck area 48" square expanded aluminum grid. ◾ Wheels are 6" dia. aluminum insulated. ◾ Parking brake for safety. For use on flat track only. Always push cart, never pull. 5,000 lbs. capacity (yet each cart-half weighs 49... Read More
  • Atlas Railcar Mover By Trackmobile® LLC

    The Atlas is Trackmobile’s highest capacity model. It is designed for more rugged and higher duty cycle applications and optimized for the most severe rail conditions and for operator comfort. As the premier model, the Atlas offers many options as standard features. Read More
  • Attachments By Swingmaster

    - AAR Coupler Train Brakes - Backhoe - Brush Cutter - Bucket - Rail Threader - Forks - Magnet/Grapple Combo - Magnet and Coupler - Male Master Coupler - Sweeper - Tie Exchanger - Track cleaning bucket Read More
  • Attachments: BRUSHCUTTER OPTION By Knox Kershaw Inc.

    Knox Kershaw Inc. offers a Diamond Mowers Inc. brushcutter attachment for its Snow Fighter and Ballast Regulator. This allows utilization of the machine beyond regulating and snow fighting where controlling light brush and grass is required. The boom actuator comes with 90 degree movement... Read More
  • Auger Boring By Midwest Mole, Inc.

    Auger Boring is a process of forming a horizontal bore by jacking the steel casing through the earth from a main shaft to a reception shaft. Soil is removed from inside the encasement by means of a rotating auger. An Auger Boring Machine (ABM) bores through soil or rock with a cutting head and... Read More
  • Axle Counting By Frauscher Sensor Technology USA, Inc.

    Frauscher axle counters are able to provide higher-level systems with a great deal of information beyond just train detection. At the same time, they can be integrated very effectively into interlocking and signalling systems using state-of-the-art software and hardware interfaces. Connection to... Read More