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About Sensonic

Sensonic provides rail infrastructure monitoring via fiber optic sensing. Sensonic combines Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) turning optical fibres into vibration sensors gathering critical infrastructure information along their length. Many railway insights can be revealed into track health, infrastructure integrity, and identifying security threats which empowers railways to optimise operations, ensure safety, and improve efficiency, enabling the transition to a safer, more efficient, digital railway and shaping the future of railway intelligence. Sensonic insights enable better railway decisions.

Currently released technology applications include:
· Track Condition Monitoring
· Landslide and Rockfall Monitoring
· Electrical Flashover Fault Location
· Security Monitoring (Trespass / Animal intrusion / Digging / Cable events)

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Products by Sensonic

By Sensonic

Our natural hazard detection system warns railways in near-real-time of potential landslides or rockfalls along their rail routes as they occur. This supports operators to take action where a rockfall or landslip has been detected to: - Avoid accidents - Maintain safety of railway passengers... Read more »

By Sensonic

Our Security Application supports railway operators and security managers in protecting critical railway infrastructure components: - Prevent disruptions to railway operations - Maintain safety of railway assets and passengers - Prevent damage or loss of railway property The Sensonic solution... Read more »

By Sensonic

The Sensonic flashover location application delivers railway operations and overhead maintenance teams’ precise location of overhead flashover faults. - Find faults quickly - Repair and inspect only the problem equipment - Get lines re-energised faster - Reduce disruption Directing teams to the... Read more »

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