RCC Fabricators, Inc.

2035 Route 206 South
Southampton, NJ 08088

About RCC Fabricators, Inc.

RCC Fabricators, Inc. is a large scale structural steel fabricator and erector and designer / manufacturer of custom rail equipment. Our steel is used in buildings, railings, stairs, walkways and sign structures for both public and private clients. We take pride in providing customer satisfaction through quality workmanship and service.

Our experience in a wide variety of fabrication work, a highly trained workforce and a fully equipped, modern facility enables us to maintain the highest level of workmanship toward achieving the desired outcome tailored to each client’s specific needs.

We design and manufacture custom rail equipment including our signature piece, the Tie-Master™, an affordable, American-made hydraulic tie-changer requiring only a single operator. We produce a larger version for use with concrete ties, the Tie-Master Gen III™ and the latest advancement in our Tie Master Fleet is the Tie-Master XL™ featuring an elctro-hydraulic control assembly.

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Products by RCC Fabricators, Inc.

By RCC Fabricators, Inc.

The Tie Master® is our signature piece. Known in the industry as “Little Red”, it is an affordable, American made machine that switches out cross ties on existing rail lines and requires only a single operator. Designed, developed and manufactured at our Southampton facility, Tie Master® is a... Read more »

By RCC Fabricators, Inc.

We are a large scale structural steel fabricator and erector serving both the public and private sectors. Since 2001 we have fabricated almost every conceivable type of structural steel ranging from simple framed components to complex hip-and-valley construction used in buildings, canopies,... Read more »

By RCC Fabricators, Inc.

Working closely with designers, we have fabricated all types of signage from simple (cantilever, butterfly and overhead) to complex (variable message). Our 53,000 SF facility contains seven overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 80 tons, enabling us to accommodate even the largest structures. Read more »

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Faster, More Efficient Model

Posted 1/29/2016