Faster, More Efficient Model

Press Release from RCC Fabricators, Inc.

RCC Fabricators, Inc., manufacturer of the original rail tie inserting equipment, the Tie-Master™ introduces a faster, more efficient version, the Tie-Master XL™.

The Tie-Master XL™ is expected to increase production by 15% 

The latest development enhancements include:

Park load sense piston pump - Parker Elctro Hydraulic proportional control assembly - IQAN Electronic MD3 display and controls - Dual Joysticks  - 23 HP Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine - Hydraulic Cylinders with Counterbalance Valves - Title Head - Hydraulic Tool Holder (two total) - Hydraulic Hose Reel with two 1/2" x 50 ft. Hoses and Dripless Quick Connects - 4-Wheel Drive - Horn - Strobe Light

Programming and Commissioning Option Equipment Includes:

Off-Track Set-Off Wheels - Anti-Theft Engine Guard - Towing Package - Kubota Diesel Engine (22 HP) - Disengage Towing Motor Package

The Tie-Master XL™ can be customized.

With the original Tie-Master™, 100-150 ties can be installed using a signle operator. The Tie-Master XL™ is expected to increase that number by 10-15%

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