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About Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.

Since 1954, Loram has brought the most advanced, most productive and most innovative railroad maintenance equipment and services around the globe. Together with Loram Technologies, Loram’s product offerings include: rail grinding, ballast maintenance, material handling, track inspection services, friction management and structure monitoring. These comprehensive solutions are designed to help our customers achieve operational excellence, extend rail and track asset life and enhance efficiency to new levels.

Products by Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.

By Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.

RG400 Series Rail Grinders With the capability to grind up to 20 mph, the RG400 Series Rail Grinders are a the best choice for maximizing available track time while lowering unit cost. The RG400 Series offers higher stone counts, shorter machine lengths, higher water capacities, advanced grind controls, improved traction... Read more »

By Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.

RGS Speciality Grinder The RGS Speciality Grinder has the capability to grind switches, crossings, and speciality track work as well as open rail. It is the most versatile grinder in Loram's fleet of grinders. Featuring the same highly productive 30 HP grind motor as on large Production Rail Grinders the RGS... Read more »

By Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.

L-Series Rail Grinders Loram's L-Series Specialty Grinder combines the technology from Loram's heavy haul mainline grinders with a unique design to navigate transit systems. The L-Series performs within most flangeway or field side clearance obstructions and is gauge convertible. Visit our website or contact us to... Read more »

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