More Track Maintenance With Less Equipment

Press Release from Ballast Tools Equipment Products (BTE)

Getting more work done with less equipment. That sounds good, right? Well, it’s not just about the right machine. It’s about the system as a whole. That is the thinking behind the BTE-450 and it’s little brother, the BTE-420 Hi-Rail Backhoe Systems. They’re designed primarily for MOW jobs. And we created a full line of highly integrated, rail-specific attachments just for these machines. Since they’re designed from the ground up to work with the 450/420, attachments change out quickly and easily. That way MOW crews can handle the whole job with just one machine.


Let’s say you have a mud spot in a tough location and a short time window opens up. The BTE 450/420 Hi-Rail can load multiple attachments, travel to the worksite, undercut, fill and tamp and then get off the track quickly. Hi-Rail capability and integrated attachments mean fast and easy changeovers, fewer machines on the job, and the ability to work in smaller windows of time.


All BTE attachment wear parts are manufactured with tungsten carbide protection so they last exponentially longer than steel wear parts. Tungsten carbide really is incredible for its durability and abrasion resistance.


At Ballast Tools Equipment, we believe well-thought-out, integrated systems with high quality, durable components are the most effective solutions to get MOW jobs done more efficiently, safer and within limited work windows. So if you like the idea of having one piece of equipment that can do multiple jobs quickly and safely, check out the BTE450/420 Hi-Rail Systems. They’re “railroad-designed” for durability, value, and high production. Call 636-937-0505 to find out more about these versatile hard working systems.