CTC, Inc. awarded DCTA signal systems enhancement project

Press Release from Rio Grande Pacific Technology

CTC, Inc. awarded DCTA signal enhancement project
Integration of “smart” products will improve train operations along Denton County’s 21-mile commuter rail corridor


Fort Worth, Texas (Oct. 8, 2015) – CTC, Inc. (CTC), a provider of signaling, communications crossing warning systems, products and services to the rail industry, today announced that the company has been tapped by Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) to implement signal systems enhancements to the A-train, its 21-mile commuter rail line. “We are extremely pleased DCTA awarded this contract to CTC, and are excited to move forward with the authority and its partners,” said Greg Hackbarth, vice president and chief technology officer. During this project, CTC will implement a cloud-based Track Circuit Monitoring System (TCMS) for real-time alarming, interactive data analysis and historical trending services for DCTA’s passenger rail line, which connects Denton and Dallas counties. The system employs IP-connected x-TCM units to detect and report track anomalies such as loss-of-shunt or degrading track conditions. x-TCM equipment also interfaces directly to the wayside signal control equipment to enhance safety, ultimately serving as an important element to Positive Train Control (PTC). “DCTA and their riders will benefit tremendously from the implementation of these signal enhancements,” Hackbarth said. “Not only will they improve overall train operations, but also permit DCTA to run their trains and passenger schedules much more efficiently throughout the corridor.” The signal systems enhancement project is underway and is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2016.

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