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About RCE - Rail Construction Equipment Co.

RCE designs and builds railroad construction equipment and other rail-related products. RCE adapts conventional John Deere construction equipment, like excavators, wheel loaders and motor graders, to specific railroad maintenance tasks, such as tie-tamping or right-of-way clearing. RCE's patented hydraulic powered retractable high rail system allows machines to operate on and off the tracks. Customizable and emissions compliant, RCE has developed 32 specialized products, all with the world wide support of the John Deere dealer network. High Rail: Excavators, Motor Graders, Swing Loaders. On Track: Tie Crane, Mag Crane, Brush Cutters. Third Rail: Tie Crane, Swing Loader. Other Products: Rail Boom, Rail Clips, Carts, Attachments (Rail Threader, Under Cutters, Tie Head, Backhoe High Rail, Vibratory Drivers, Tamper Heads). Purchase - Rental - Lease

Products by RCE - Rail Construction Equipment Co.

By RCE - Rail Construction Equipment Co.

Whether it's pulling rail, cutting brush, craning items, under cutting, tamping ties, or just digging and trenching - the Railavator will arm you for top productivity. With its patented hydraulic powered retractable high rail, you can take it anywhere you need it. All the power, smoothness, ease... Read more »

By RCE - Rail Construction Equipment Co.

Offering one-of-a-kind advantages, RCE's Rail Blade - a high rail motor grader - is the first of its kind in the industry. Choose from six full featured high rail motor graders each loaded with brawny blades equipped with the same heavy duty durability and uptime-boosting features. Whether... Read more »

By RCE - Rail Construction Equipment Co.

RCE introduces its latest version of its swing crane: the Series 5 Swing Loader. Using a Deere 544 size wheel loader rear section and a custom front chassis that has been modified to work on the rail, this Series 5 has all the power required to handle your railroad maintenance needs. The... Read more »

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