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Hi-Rail Equipment for Lease

Hi-Rail Equipment for Lease

Available from R.E.L.A.M. Inc.

RELAM offers high quality railroad track equipment for rental and lease to railroads, railroad construction companies and other industrial companies alike, including hi-rail equipment such as hi-rail cranes, speedswings & railheaters: Pettibone Model 445E Speedswing w/Multiple... Read More

Railroad Precast

Railroad Precast

Available from American Concrete Products

Our goal is to provide the railroad industry exact standards, consistent quality and efficiency. Road Crossing Panels Wing Walls Abutment Caps Pile Caps Bridge Girders Signal Foundation Box Culverts Custom Products Read More

Track Utility Vehicle

Track Utility Vehicle

Available from ARVA Industries Inc.

Diesel-powered, hydrostatically-driven vehicle with optional attachments for snow removal, de-icing, rail pressure washing, etc. Designed for transporting personnel to and from a job site, as well as various maintenance functions, including snow removal, de-icing, rail pressure washing. Read More

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Yangtze Railroad Materials Products and Services

Available from Yangtze Railroad Materials

Yangtze Railroad Materials has supplied high-quality railroad fastener materials in North America since 1989. The products we supply include but not limited to the following categories:· ... Read more

Brandt is Recognized as one of Canada's Best...

Available from Brandt Road Rail Corporation

MARCH 10, 2015 ?Brandt is proud to be recognized for our 14th year in the Canada’s Best Managed Companies Program and our 8th year as a Platinum Club Member. About Brandt Group of... Read more

Introducing Loram Technologies, Inc.

Available from Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.

Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc. is pleased to announce, effective January 1, 2021, Georgetown Rail Equipment Company (GREX) will start doing business as Loram Technologies, Inc. With the name... Read more

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American Concrete Products

For high-quality precast concrete products that meet or exceed exacting standards, American Concrete Products has what you’re looking for – or we can design anything you may need. Railroads, Utility Contractors, Municipalities and DOTs have come to rely on American Concrete to provide products... Read More

R.E.L.A.M. Inc.

RELAM provides railway equipment for short- or long-term leasing and have equipment for all your railway needs. We strive to provide excellent quality equipment at the best possible prices. Our name has become synonymous with quality service that delivers top of the line products, and this... Read More

ARVA Industries Inc.

Arva Industries Inc. was established in 1979. Read More

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